J.U.T.V. EP 12

This is one of the most common problems you run into when lowering your S13’s & S14’s, and now it is totally avoidable. I’ve owned 15 S-Chassis’ over 10+ years and this small piece/ easy fix is something I wish was available years ago. The sooner you do it, the less damage will be done.

I have no affiliation with the product/manufacturer, this is just great idea and an easy fix so you never have to worry about your harness getting torn again! Props to them for the great design (and fast shipping)! Product: Auto-Collect STORM MUSIC Produced by: https://www.youtube.com/user/beatsbyNeVs

Jimmy Up Matsuri – MEDIA

ALL Vid and Photo links sent to us will be shared here! This post will be updated continuously! **UPDATED 03/30**

My Matsuri Edit…This is my point of view (along with shots from Track Flagman/TowJeep/Videographer @Fourlowfab) from the day before until the very end of the Jimmy Up Matsuri. I spent months planning this, along with good friend and drift tandem buddy @whoismoisesperez and the end result was incredible only thanks to the talent, style, and attitudes of the drivers, media, & spectators.

This event is something that I will remember forever, and definitely not just because I crashed my car lol. I saw a shift in amateur drifting here, it may have happened before the event, but this was my first time seeing it in person and it was incredible. Sorry for those I didn’t film, I was running around like crazy and was surprised at the amount of footage I did get. Thank you to all who made this possible and to the sponsors: @ANDYSTIRES @AUTOFACTORYREALIZE @RIVALAUTOWORKS @SOCALSCHASSIS @BIGCOUNTRYLABS @THEPURSUITOFPERFECTION


The Auto Factory Realize Video!!!! These boys were a big part of what made this event everything that it was. You all need to watch this.

Some awesome words and photos from Exciting Hero!

Jimmy Up Matsuri!


The P.O.P. Shop Edit!

Ansel Dauwalter Edit


Endless Aerial’s GORGEOUS (mostly aerial) Edit:




https://alkuhmee.com/pages/jimmyup-matsuri (500+ Photos, most are incredible)


Dab Sadan  gets a little lost but shows a lot of the event! Thanks for coming out!

Touge Garage Edit:

Awesome blog post with photos from Zero One:



PHOTO GALLERY from Nick W Photo! (Open in New window) 03/14 https://www.flickr.com/photos/nickwfoto/sets/72157692702922211

The Shake and Bake-03/12

Touge Garage – RAW Event Footage-03/12

THANK YOU Brisco Media, for having the first edit done within 24 hours of the start of the event! Incredible stuff. -03/11

Change is good!

It has been 10 amazing years, first off, thank anyone that has supported Jimmy Up up to this point and grown it into what it is today. I’m blown away thinking about it sometimes.

Secondly, I want to apologize. Up until this point we have had a few snags holding us back; no shipped emails, shipping times not being quick, and stickers sometimes take longer than usual to get done. Over the passed couple months, I have even received photos of a few newer tees fading after a few washes. All of these things are unacceptable and I have put a majority of my focus into fixing them moving forward, and the changes have already started.

We changed printers, this was the most urgent issue for me. Not knowing how many people were experiencing fading of shirts after a couple washes because they didn’t want to email really bothered me and considering it was a different design sent each instance, I started searching for printers. About 2 months ago, I found our match. The quality is phenomenal, their outfit is massive, only using the absolute best inks and threads, and we already feel very loved there. You guys will notice if you’ve ordered a Tee or Sweatshirt recently.


We now (03/01) have “shipped” & “order update” emails that will automatically include tracking/customs numbers, and will be automatically generated. As always, you can still contact me via email for any questions. This is a new system, but it seems to be ready to go after we’ve done the set up. However, in order to get the system up and running…

All orders (including any and all stickers) as of 03/01 HAVE SHIPPED! All orders had to go out so that we could change the system over and begin shipping using the new system on Monday 03/05, so even orders placed today are cut, packaged, and shipping first thing in the morning!
We have New Goods in the Shop
– Ultra Metallic Grey with Gold Leaf vinyl
– Heart > HP Vinyl added
– Laurel Size Matters Tee
– 86 W.W. Partbreaker Tee
– S13 Silvia Partbreaker Tee
– JZX Tee Ver. 2
All tees are limited to 50 pieces.

WE WANT YOUR RX7’s! Check out the submissions page to send yours in before the 9th!

I just want to thank you all for being the only reason Jimmy Up is what it is. Truly is an amazing feeling.

Thank you,
Mikey Mancuso
Jimmy Up



JUTV Ep 10: Fix your own Fiberglass!

It’s my assumption that there are a lot of people who don’t know how simple it is to do low-level fiberglass and body filler and are too scared to even attempt it in a lot of cases.

I was one of them. I made this video to show 2 things:

1) I Don’t know what I’m doing.

2) I still do this semi-successfully.

This is my 5th time doing my own fiberglass and Im getting more comfortable! DISCLAIMER** This is most likely not the way a pro would recommend doing this, it could be, but I doubt it. Enjoy learning, and ask any questions in the comments!

NEW Balcony Layout testing for the Matsuri!

I got the S14 out to test the new layout options for our Matsuri event, March 10th! We only grabbed a few of the many barriers that will be in place and headed up to balcony. The new turbo is a repop gt2871 on an otherwise stock SR, so the lag on the car kept me from attempting really tight stuff, but we may tighten things up after the house, to keep the track flowing and elongate it a bit.

Those changes would be the only difference in layout, but I’m excited for the final result and what the drivers will push themselves to get out of it. This test went great and the initiation was what I was most concerned about, along with making sure the track doesnt cross… but all is well and planning for the final layout is in progress.

Thank you all for watching and see you on Balcony March 10th!