S13: Phase 1

I’ll come right out and say that driving the S13 has been a solid source of happiness since it’s come along. I just did a fresh oil change and with the S14 down (a-fucking-gain) the itch to go driving is only growing.

The world of drifting has grown a lot since I got into it, in all kinds of directions and it’s more important now than ever to stay true to what makes you happy and not worry about breaking the internet with your build that will keep you out of the seat, where you should be. That being said, I feel like there may or may not be a large group of drift enthusiasts that think you NEED a few hundred horsepower or a few thousand Instagram followers to feel satisfied. Rest assured you don’t need much, and I intend to show you just how little.

I love drifting more than most things in life, and I’m a lover of many things, a hater of none. This S13 never had a chance to not be a drift car, but finding any time at all to work on the cars can be difficult these days.  For the last 2 days, everything else got put on hold and the Cars got put on jackstands. I did install Apex’i Coilovers weeks back because the stock ride-height hurt my eyes. The Apex’i’s are a little soft compared to the PBM’s, but what isn’t., they will work fine. I also added super-budget/eBay adjustable arms. I KNOW these are not made to last and I WILL replace each pair with legitimate parts HOWEVER, these will work for a few months/events while I save up another $1000 for arms and in the meantime, I can align the car correctly and enjoy it. Patience has never been my strong suit.


Upon getting on the floor, I immediately noticed that the axles (or at least the boots) are shot and slinging grease goop everywhere, not surprising and literally the only thing “wrong” with the car. So after sourcing some axles locally, I started jamming:


One of my favorite things to add to a car is a bucket seat, crucial function, and looks badass in most cars (especially when it’s a Jimmy Up seat (3rd car now)).


If you can get under your diff with your tires on the ground, you’re not low enough.


Exhaust, Diff & Axles out


Old vs New

I big thank you has to be given to the guys at the POP Shop (@thepursuitofperfection_) for welding up a fresh diff in exchange for some tees and stickers! They do only charge $100 for it normally, which is nice to not have to have yours out for a long time being welded.


New ISR Catback, THANK YOU to our friends at Enjuku/ ISR for helping us out with the build! The blast pipe exhaust tucks up super nice and sounds awesome.




Open Enjuku/ISR Exhuast in New Window

We got the control unit of our Apex’i temp gauge hooked up, but had to drive to get an alignment before the shop closed so the gauge itself isn’t connected yet, but will be going in tomorrow.


Bear wheel & frame in Covina has been doing my alignments (for no hook up) for many years. They work with low cars and I’ve always been satisfied driving the car to and from track events given the rest of the car holds up. Great people and the car drove home straight and solid aside from the NEW axle making noise… but listen to that exhaust. Virgin-no-more.


Still not defeated, I had one more feat to accomplish 😑


The KA car will hit the track in our next couple posts, gonna swing every bit of this thing and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

THANK YOU for reading, comment, let me know how to make this better, Im new.

Mikey Mancuso
Jimmy Up

Lucky Number 13 (and 11)

I purchased my first S-Chassis in 2006 from a friend for $1000 (ten easy payments of $100 a week (thanks Justin)). It was red, automatic and it started an addiction that would soon take over my life. 10 years and 12 S-chassis’ later, I have never loved them more and for the first time ever I get to hold on to TWO of them at one time, and the possibilities are starting to make my head turn.

First the S14 (Number 11). I purchased this car with a shodily-repaired body and a running SR swap for $3500 over 3 years ago and have learned a lot in it, currently awaiting its 4th SR Long Block, it is and always will be a drift car that I drive to some of our vendor booths. I debated getting rid of the car because the “seat time:broken-car down time” ratio has been terrible over the last few years BUT because I love the way the car feels when it does run, I am putting a freshly rebuilt long block in the car and running stock boost on a t25 as usual in my best attempt to keep from blowing up every other event.

Here is how she sits now:







And LUCKY number 13. The unicorn. Because I have been frustrated with a lack of seat time and spent a good year learning how to drive in a KA S14 a while back, Ive been on the look out for a stock S13 to practice in and the call came in from my wife’s family friend who purchased the car NEW and daily drove it for the last 23 years. I am now the second owner of a base model 5 speed coupe with 235K miles, but Ive never felt a transmission so tight and aside from being parked in the sun and getting some oxidation and a cracked dash over the years, you would never think the car is that old or has that kind of mileage. The plan for this car is to hone my skills after being out of the consistent-driving game for too long. Coilovers, a welded diff and bucket seats coming soon along with some looks. For the people that will be mad that Im drifting the car, the dealership did take the car to a 3rd party to put the sunroof in and so it isnt a museum piece… and I dont feel bad for any future damages. Stay tuned.